Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Once upon a time..

Luca: “Mom, let me tell you a story…once upon a time there was a daddy tiger, a mommy tiger and two little tigers. The daddy tiger had an ipad in the forest. The mommy tiger said the little tiger couldn’t watch it because he lost his ‘pivledges’. The other little tiger stole the ipad and the mommy tiger didn’t know it. And maybe a starburst’…..

Teo woke me up this morning by trying to climb up the bed and saying ‘the huns are coming! while grasping for blanket handles. Then a few seconds later, he (acting like a lion) growls at me ‘Don’t touch my son’…a la Mufasa from Lion King.. The kid has watched Lion King and Mulan one too many times.


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