Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Those Cheerios are NOT for eating….

In the last hour, I am positive that my parenting has been judged multiple times.

Could it be because my children were screaming bloody murder in the car wash? Note to self: wash care solo next time.

Could it be that I fed my dog Cheerios and then found my kid eating them out of the dog food bowl? After I got after him for it, he looked at me like I was crazy. Granted, I know its a mixed message but still, I have parenting standards and eating out of the same bowl as the dog is one of them. Note to self: buy the stinkin dog food.

Could it be when we were getting dinner tonight at a Chinese restaurant and M took off like a shot? I was in mid order so I sent L to retrieve him. L came back with just M’s bear hat so it looked like M had been scalped. I stopped my order and found M suctioned to the wall behind the door to the kitchen. One door swing and M would have been like a bug on the windshield. Note to self: buy a leash for the kid.

What time is bedtime? Now? ok….

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