Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..


…from this planet on which I now live that shall be forever known as ‘for the love of God, what was I just going to do??’. Seriously. It’s scary. I haven’t misplaced a kid yet..but the day is young.  My brain yearns for adult conversation….not the dirty kind….just something other than this convo:
Luca: Mom…mom…mom…I see him?
Me: see what babe?
Luca: (louder) I see him? peez?
Me: Who, babe? (proceed to list off 85 people we know and he recognizes)….Dad? Cait? Teo?
Luca: Buzz. buzz mom…buzzzzzzz (Toy story obessed…..)
Me: (kill me now) Um lets wait (until my brain forgets about buzz and his amazing utility belt)….how about a snack…
Luca: No mom…1, 2? (holding cute fingers in a volcan hand signal…) 1, 2 mom?
Me: take the whole damn bag of pretzels….. (kidding…only like 15)

See? I can count the syllables in that entire convo.

Daycare is going…um yeah. That’s about it. It’s good (according to the teachers and Nana who is trying to appease J and I and the guilt factor that is eating us alive). He hates going. Has to be pulled off his daddy. And up until yesterday, when Teo and I pick him up, we are met with a chupi’ed, blanket covered, sad eyed kiddo. Who I then bribe with Sonic slushes. It works.
We are committed to going (and don’t really have a choice). I know it will get better but wow. Rough. He does love his teacher….and a blonde named Shailey. Typical.

Teo on the other hand…is everything L isn’t. Not patient, a great sleeper, eats like a madman, doesn’t fit in his clothes…and lately isn’t a fan of his mom. But Dad? The bee’s knees. Geez. (too much Dr. Seuss, sorry). He, like his brother, loves his daddy in all ways. It’s disgusting. 🙂 I may be a tad jealous. L is getting better with Teo. He talks about him…(i see him??) pokes him with a goat (a rubber toy), and wants him to dance when he have dance parties. Which lately is often. the rythym has apparently gotten L. 

J and I are doing well..sleep is for the weak. Sounds waaay better than it is. 7 more weeks until I go back to work. Ugh and yeah all at the same time.

I will post pics at the little dude’s next naptime. Promise.


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