Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

One fish, two fish…guatemoc….

Ok, so I wish I had news that L was walking faster than Richard Simmons at this point. But I think he was just taunting us..L…not Richard. He showed us he could do it..and then said “yeah, I’m good”. So no more walking…outside of 2 or 3 steps in Cait’s office. Such a buzzkill. Oh well. He has now mastered using a straw and may I add, thinks he’s pretty hot stuff now. He also had his first time out today.

I tried that whole diversion tactic, ‘gently’ telling him no and moving him away….etc. but my kid may possibly have inherited my um determined streak. Ooops. I mean, as a parent, I draw the line at being sweet and nice when my child had taken off the humidifier tank (for the umpteenth time) and proceeds to stick his finger in the mechanical part. Grrrr. He prob didn’t like the time out but neither did I. To quote my own wise parent, “I don’t have to be your friend, you have enough friends. I am your mother”. Karma sucks.

J goes back to work this week and my partner for the entertainment portion as well as the getting up in the middle of the night portion will be gone. This should be interesting. L has gotten pretty used to both of us being home for the last few months. So in honor of that, we got fish. I volunteered to name one John Jr. but J said no thanks. Well, I just added the ‘thanks’. He just said no. So the newest pets in our family are Aqui, Yorbit, and Guatemoc Martinez. L really didn’t have a lot of input on the naming process. We just used names that my sweet family volunteered to name L when I was prego.

We also looked for a trampoline…but had no luck. Which may have been a good thing.

Stay warm….


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