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Holy Dirt Devil….

or whirling dirvish..or whatever. I am exhausted. My poor hubby is asleep already upstairs, I’m sure. L totally won today’s round. Ding ding. 10 months ago (TODAY!!), I was in labor. Man, I almost want that day here again..I said almost. Close the gaping mouths. It has flown by. Here I was wishing this lump of a child would do something, acknowledge me, hug me, bite me….ok maybe not the biting.

But my wish came true….now he can’t stand to leave J or my sight, hugs (relative considering they are a means to an end towards the goldfish on the counter), and yes the biting. I would hold him and wish he would roll over, do something besides poop. And yet, today, here I stand…wanting so badly to reverse time. I’m exhausted…only 17 years and 2 months left. Yippee. Look at how much this child has grown…a personality, that is. Sheesh.

This morning we headed to Children’s Mercy to check in, I guess. They weren’t really sure why we were there either. But, you know me, I didn’t want to lose the chance to bend their ear. So things went well. He is 29 inches and 20 lbs. He lost a pound in this last week due to a lovely high fever/roseola thing we had going. Fun times. Turns out we may or may not still deal with an intussesception in our future. But the meds he is on 3x a day (and will be on until April)are necessary to treat an allergy of sorts in his gut. They think.

I came out of that room a bit frustrated. I obviously don’t want anything to be wrong with my child, or any child for that matter. But please, I would like for us to know what is wrong and how we will fix it. Rather than the ticking time bomb effect we have going now. But it is what it is…and L is no worse for the wear. Which brings me to my title.

Today was Inauguration Day. I really don’t like to post about politics here…unless you are wearing a furry vest at Target, then you must be a Nader supporter. Wink. But today….Woot! Obama! I digress… we get home from CM and turned on the DVR. Which by the way is a god send and really should be on a baby registry. For the next 3 hours, we inched our way thru the ceremony due to a busy bee obviously not worried about the future of our country or what Mrs. Obama or Mrs. Biden were wearing.

And so it went all afternoon like this. until it got quiet. I had already removed a broken angel, the beloved vacuum and put up the baby gate on the stairs. I forgot about the plant. Crap. J asked me (from the couch, mind you) where was the baby. I said ‘oh he’s right here’…and then I decided it was too quiet. The boy looked like he had eaten an entire package of Oreos. All over his mouth, hands, cute shirt, and my front hall.

There was a moment when I checked to make sure he was ok…then I grabbed the camera. THEN I scooped the mulch out of his mouth. Ok, I’m still learning the mom ropes. He was no worse for the wear..and in fact got some entertainment out of J running the vacuum in the hall. Geez.

Oh yeah, and for those who don’t know….L took steps. Unassisted, actual steps. My world has ended. Seriously, I wish for the lump of child I once knew. This one now makes me tired. But gosh he’s cute. The up side is according to Nana “He’s curious”, um yeah ok. The other up side is maybe with all this running around I’m doing, I might make it out of my maternity jeans by April. Here’s hoping.


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