Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Just for the record…..

…yesterday and today have been well….God’s attempt at seeing how far my patience will stretch….good lord, enough already. Yesterday, L was caressing his beloved vacuum…and then found the plant on the plant stand that he has ignored as of that point. Things change…I found him eating the dirt and about to trip the plant over on himself. About 20 minutes later, as I am vaccumming up the dirt, I hear J say No! That was due to L eating dog food. Again. He also found how to open up our cabinets…the ones without locks. I wasn’t really concerned because it was just the tupperware cabinet but then I realized the Pyrex bowls were on the top shelf in that cabinet. Yikes. So now those live on our counter for now. If you have ever seen the riveting film, Beethoven…the one with the dog…yeah, that’s my house right now.

Today, we have attempted to slam our fingers in the pantry door, of course after we learned how to open and close it. We also have eaten a fair amount of fur from the sheep chair…more on that later. I also found a toy in the humidifier. I mean really. For my Grey’s fans….”Come on!!!”. The only thing that saved his life was the sight of him dancing with his llama to a song on the ipod. Seriously, THE ONLY THING.

To end our afternoon….and this is purely a parenting error….we took him to the grocery store. We were well into the pre-nap time…and well we just spit at the devil. I brough bribes, as always but to no avail. The screaming commenced. Poor J. He was the one pushing the cart as I ran ahead…partly to avoid the screaming annoying child ( I mean, who’s that kid’s mother..)and partly to get us out of the store in under 15 minutes flat. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Ok, I know it will but that made me feel better to lie to myself. Whoa. And the blessed nap is occuring now. Thank the Lord.

The best line of the day was from my dad…after I texted the fam about the craziness the child had done…”That kid needs a job, school, detention or other directed activity”. Amen. Where do I sign up.

Hope your day is going well.


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