Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Trains, Fountains and Cows…..

Our weekend has been exciting. On Friday, we headed to Crown Center to introduce L to the fountains and Crayola Cafe. Of course, the day before was gorgeous… we go the next day when it’s like 35 degrees outside. Yikes. But L’s fingers turned back to pink after a while so it was all good. L loves water…see below post if you don’t believe me. So the fountains were a hit. We also went to Fritz’s (a restaurant that has a train that travels around the place and delivers your food to your table). Just like his grandpa, he’s a train lover. Screeched and oooohhhhed. Oh and danced to a little Janet Jackson. Just like his momma. Some pics from the day…

Trying on his train hat….and showing his new trick. When you say Cheese (most of the time), he grins like he robbed a bank. Hilarious to most people.

Checking out the trains…and drinking…at the SAME time. This kid is talented.

Showing him the which he replied “oooohhhhhhhhh”. Again, in the monkey singing kind of way.

J and L acting like they were getting wet. Silly boys.

He loved the zamboni waaay more than the ice skaters…boys and trucks, I guess.


On Saturday, we traveled with Auntie Al to her family’s baby shower for her. This was a day of firsts for L….first trip to Topeka, Carbondale, actually. Lovely little town. First encounter with cows…he slept thru that one…but Uncle Ry will take care of that one. First encounter with a cat…he thinks cats are evil, shocking that his momma thinks the same thing. First encounter with birds, loud ones, in cages, that can be petted…he wasn’t a total fan. But Auntie Al walked him thru that one. But he was also his charming self, flirted with Auntie Al’s sister…and smiled that cheesy smile at the ladies at the shower, enjoyed some cake and bananas with his Auntie Cait…fun times. My favorite story is when he grinned at a lady and she tells Nana, “oh, is that how he smiles?” I guess its a smile only a momma can love…and a nana and some aunties. Oh well. Some pics from the day…

Auntie Al, Nana and L cheesin’…I wonder where he gets that gorgeous smile. Hmmm.

Auntie Cait and her cheetah…I mean monkey. Hee Hee.

Al will kill me for posting this pic but come on…its a baby shower…

Showing off those pearly whites….

This could be my favorite pic of the two of them. Checking out the birds.

And more birds..or the same ones….I’m not sure..I’m not a huge fan of birds…since they like to divebomb me….well that and locusts divebomb me too. But I digress.

Sunday was chill out day and we had some fun at Nana and Grandpa’s..Family time is always good time…that and attempting to eat dog food, climb into the fireplace, open all the child proof drawers, and helping Nana with laundry. Whew. I need a vacation.

Have a great week!


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