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A trip to the doctor….

So I went to the doctor to get my migraine meds refilled and left minus a mole. Um what? Apparently it was “angry” enough to get me squeezed into the doctor’s schedule the same day. So 6 stitches on my arm later, I am typing with one hand, considering the doc forgot to tell me it was gonna hurt.

In the spirit of doing something free and cheap, we decided to meet Auntie Kel at the fountains to dip our toes. There was literally no reaction from L. He was stone faced in the water and out of it. Pics from our day out.

While in Denver, we bought a shirt for L thinking of our Auntie Cait. We found it a week after we got back. Ooops. So we tried it on for our cute auntie. The shirt says “I can’t help my good looks, its in the genes. Just look at my aunt.” See how cute they are??

We are officially teething and boy is it fun. Sleepless nights are back and frozen celery is our new best friend. J took L to help paint Aunt Jessica’s house, but I have a feeling Grandma will be hanging out with L. So I am by myself, blogging. Lame. Oh well…

Have a good weekend!


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