Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Yeah…not so much.

Yeah…so the packing hasn’t really started yet. Laundry is being done as we speak or type rather. L is asleep and I am letting him do his own thing today, considering the amount of time he will be restrained tomorrow. Yippee.

Ok so, you know when you see those moms who dress their kids like little rockers with ACDC shirts or that have little mohawks? And you kind of secretly think “why?” but on the flip side, how funny would that be to have your baby rock a mohawk….but then you realize that Nana would sooo not be happy with me..I mean you. Well, certain people (KT) would attest to the fact that I really don’t enjoy novelty shirts like “Mommy’s boy” or ” Little Prince”. Those shirts are great, just not for me. However, my belief in classic clothing and annoyance in silly shirts went out the window and…I became one of those moms. Yes, it happened. No, not the mohawk…but the shirt. A shirt I could not pass up at Walmart. Yes, Walmart and my only justification was the chuckle, no it was a snort really. That and the price was 2.98. Who can’t pass up an opportunity to make your baby look silly for 2.98.

So here it is folks. I have stooped that low. Shirts with stuff on them. But feel free to smack me when you see me if L comes to Gymboree rockin’ a sweet faux-hawk and a litle prince t-shirt. Yes, that is tie. A striped one. Funniest thing I think I have seen. Ladies at Panera loved it. His auntie’s all loved it. Helloooo..chick magnet.
This pic is just of L smiling…which is a bit hard to capture in a picture for me. And, no that is not your imagination. There are red hairs on that babe’s head. Add that to the paleness and the blue eyes and….genetics jacks with you every time. For those of you familiar with pre-baby blogging, I was predicting the hairiest, darkest, oily baby on the planet. And God laughed and gave us a red haired, blue-eyed white baby. Thank God he is cute and looks like a pale version of J. 🙂

P.S. I have to make an apology. Auntie Al, I apologize to you for the lack of mention on the pocket posting. It in fact was Auntie Al’s idea to make fun of my baby and his pockets and stick his hands in them. So please forgive me. 🙂 Ha.

Have a great weekend! See you on the other side… large ball of twine, here we come!


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