Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Don’t drink the water….

Ok so there is big news….big… I mean gigantic. When you visit Nana and Sir’s house, don’t drink the water!

Well, unless you are already prego…because there are gonna be 2, count them..2 babies on the way for the Faddis Fam!!!! Yippee! And no, neither baby is mine. Which is almost as fabulous. I will be an auntie twice in less than 3 months apart!

Greg and Bekah are having a baby boy! Bud (Bekah’s belly name) will be arriving around December 10!

Ryan and Alison are having a baby ____! Baby X (Alison’s to-be-named belly name) will be arriving around February 9th!

I am too excited for both these babies. Actually, I am bit more excited for these munchkins than I was for L. Not that I don’t adore my baby, but this is all the fun but none of the work. Yee-haw!
The above pic is the Faddis Family…Left to right: Nana, Bekah, Greg, Court, John, Ryan, Alison & Sir. Cait was MIA in this pic. Sad face.

So congrats to both babies…they are getting awesome parents. After all, they were trained by the bestest baby, L!


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