Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..


Ok, usually this blog is reserved for Lucas’ everyday happenings which show his skill, genius and sassy good looks. But today I need to share something. May I just say that looking for daycare is the scariest thing I have done since giving birth! Wow, overwhelmed is not even enough of a word to describe me right now. Nothing seems good enough or worthy of my fabulous child… which seems odd considering that I don’t think I do a good enough job with him. Weird. But I am done with the editorial.

Anyway, we have found our feet officially. There are no pics yet due the fact that when he does it, I am amazed and think he was training as a gymnast in utero. The other funny of the day was when our wild hands started going crazy, along with the shrieking we have learned to do. Well, one of those fingers shot right up his nose. He laid there in shock as my mouth was hanging open, but smiled and kept his finger in there. I was giggling so hard…that made him smile more with his finger probably touching his brain. No pic of that either.. sorry. We did have a little talk about how Sir teaches us that we can pick our friends and we can pick our nose, but we can’t pick our friends nose. He comes up with such gems.

Here are some pics of our sick baby…he is on the mend. Now the coughing is just from the fingers he has jammed in his mouth.

Oh and one more funny for you. I quote Auntie Cait in response to this pic I sent her. I giggled almost as much as the finger up the nose experience. Cait wrote…”I believe wrig is still my son, let my powers heal you. (The voice in my head is a mix between the karate kid and that kung fu panda movie).”

We are off to the Martinez’s now, since we are on the mend. The smiler is back and in full effect!

Later gators!


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