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Technical difficulties

Apparently in the previous post…the video didnt come thru. My apologies. Working on it…. 😦

The big 7-0!

Ladies and gents..this is our 70th post! I have no idea why 70 caught my eye versus 50 or 60 but it did and we are going with it. I have tons of pics… so get ready. This kid is so used to the camera now… I am detecting a model-esque type behavior from him. Yesterday, I was going thru 6-12 month clothes because our little man is getting oh-so-large. I found a hat which I threw on him. Think Fargo. Then we played with some toys to make up for Mom giggling for 5 minutes at him about the hat. Lassie was right by Timmy, of course. Note the new roll beginning on the thighs.. what is not to love about that. The shirt is courtesy of Auntie Al. It says ‘I take my bottle shaken, not stirred’. Love it. This pic is L giving Babaloo a ‘severe’ tongue lashing. hee hee. In the same bin of clothes as the Fargo hat were cool shades from his friend Molly. They came with sweet swim trunks but those are still a bit big. Giggling just looking at this pic. Finally, I found a video of L and his Uncle Ryan doing what they do best, making each other laugh. This video thing might be repetitive but for my dear out of town fam and friends…enjoy.

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