Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Yeah for the Hawks!!!

Well. It might be a bit over confident to say that because Lucas was rockin’ his KU jersey, that Chalmers hit the clutch shot. But it is nice to think that. John and Lucas watched the game and well with all the screaming, Lucas’ eyes were wide open at his daddy. Poor kid. He didn’t make it until the end tho.

Here are some of the bath shots, all G-rated. God bless both baths and car rides. Each of them knock our little man out for a few blessed hours. 4 hours is our record so far. And as a bonus, he smells good. Sniffing his neck is my new favorite pasttime. Ha!

The other new development is the new found love between Wrig and Lucas. Ok, well Wrig loves Lucas so far. He loves to be where L is, no matter how uncomfortable that makes Mom or Dad. So far he hasn’t gotten mad at the few whacks in the face he has gotten from our wild swinging arms. Still learning how to use those limbs.

Have a good day!

J,C, L, and W


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