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We are on our own…

So, it is just us now. Dad is at work and Gram(Tita) had to go back to CO. So Lucas, Wrigley & I are on our own. A bit nerve-wracking, I must say, but things are going ok. This weekend, we had another Jayhawk victory, our first bath since our umbilical cord fell off (thanks Nana for walking us thru that one), and our first outing to Target and Costco with Nana as well. Slept thru the shopping (that’s my boy) and was pretty calm thru the bath experience. I have pics to post later of that.

Jayhawks play tonight for the Championship game so you know someone will be wearing his jersey. Daddy is demanding that outfit. ha! The day is almost half over and 5pm could not come sooner…. we miss Dad.

Have a great day!


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