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Rock Chalk Good Luck Charm

Ok, so it might be a coincidence that Lucas wore his KU jersey on Sunday and the Hawks pulled out a victory. This is Lucas pondering his special victory skills.

On Saturday, we helped Cait move into her cool studio apartment. It is pretty sweet, better than what John and I had as our first apt. Lucas got to come out and help too. But shockingly, he found himself in his nana’s arms and was content sucking on a new pacifier his friend Tammy Owens gave him. Thanks Tammy! For those who can’t see… it says “McDrooly”. Haha!

Monday was a bit sad because Daddy had to go back to work, and after about 75 kisses on his litle man, he went to work. But we still have Gram here, thankfully! So next week will be a bit harder when Lucas and I are by ourselves. Yikes. John works from home on Tuesdays so at least he will be here with us today.

Sunday, we did manage to take a 4 generation picture with Gram before she leaves. Too bad some of us look rough and Gram and the baby look super cute. Oh well.

Have a great day!

C,J,L & W


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